Criminal Defense

Leading Criminal Defense Lawyer Team

Mr. London prides himself on making sure clients get the aggressive representation they deserve.

Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Mr. London is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has received Not Guilty trial verdicts on over 50 jury trials. He has received full acquittals on murders, rapes, robbery’s, driving while intoxicated (DWI), narcotics/ drugs, burglaries, and gun possession cases. Mr. London also handles federal criminal cases ranging from narcotics, conspiracy, bank fraud, securities violations, tax evasion, and many other white collar crimes

Service Areas

– Manhattan

– Brooklyn

– Bronx

– Queens

– Staten Island

– Nassau County

– Suffolk County

– Rockland County

– Westchester County

– The Hamptons

We handle all criminal and quasi-criminal matters, including:

– Assault (including Self Defense and serious physical injury cases)

– Burglary

– Domestic Violence

– Drug Crimes (Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstacy, etc.)

– Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the Influence

– Federal Cases

– Harassment

– Larceny

– Murder/Manslaughter (including vehicular death cases)

– Medicaid Fraud

– Insurance Fraud

– Rape (Forcible Rape, Statutory Rape, Sex Abuse)

– Robbery

– Weapons Possession (Including Gun Possession, Gun Sale, and other weapons)

– White Collar Crimes (fraud, conspiracy, and securities)

Immigration Consequences

Often times an arrest or conviction can have adverse immigration consequences. Whether you are a lawful permanent resident, here on a Visa, traveling, or out of status, Cary London Law can properly advise you of the consequences of a criminal conviction and assist you with your immigration needs. We can also assist you with your application for status in and out of immigration court.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or asked to speak with prosecutors or police, you should immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer at Cary London Law. Advise anyone that wants to speak with you that you do not wish to speak to them without a criminal defense lawyer. Once you contact us, we will handle everything.

Scientific Evidence Masters.

Mr. London has also been successful in challenging and presenting scientific evidence to raise doubt and show our client’s innocence. Often times scientific evidence can altogether exonerate a person accused of a crime or show that another person committed the crime. Scientific evidence can also assist judges and juries in evaluating the quality of certain evidence presented in and out of the courtroom. In certain cases, Mr. London will hire experts to help present evidence about identification evidence, narcotic and weapon evidence, DNA and fingerprints. Cary London Law has also employed the use of polygraphs (lie detector tests) to further advocate for our clients.

Treatment Alternatives.

Cary London Law is able to identify the treatment providers that have provided reputable, honest and fair treatment of clients.